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What to do in our hotel in Abano during vacations? Abano Terme is definitely a town that is rich in events and pleasant activities, addressed to the tourist clientele; it will therefore be pleasant to take strolls among the elegant boutiques of the town during the day, go shopping along the streets of Abano and stop over at some of the many bars and nightspots in the centre during the evening.

Thanks to the many visitors present all year round, our hotel in Abano Terme is ideal for a holiday in the center of Abano and always very lively and there is a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to tourist Abano, with its renowned hotel structures and hot springs centres, which have made the town famous since ancient times, it is important for the Hotel Terme Bologna guests to be able to enjoy the presence of a historical part of the town, where considerable architectural treasures stand out, such as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which dates from 1200 A.D., or the various Palladian style villas.

A destination that can’ be missed is the Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Health, which is a destination for pilgrimage, which contains many important pictorial works.

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